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My Trio of Trees (8)

I’ve carried guilt and grief, all mixed up inside me, a lead ball in my belly, ever since I abandoned my trio of trees when I moved to Mexico. I left them behind in Hopland with Michele. I transplanted them … Continue reading

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On a Clear Day (7)

This happens in Greece. I never knew it before Mexico, and now, on lucky days, I find it here. It is a mystery, some secret combination of air and light, a clarity and a crispness of vision. It goes beyond … Continue reading

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No Bell (6)

Sofia doesn’t wear a bell. I’ve been chastised for this, shamed into guilt. When she was little I made her wear a collar, and her fur wore away to wound. I am leery of collars. And it is my belief … Continue reading

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I Forget (5)

I forget I’m happy here. It sneaks up on me, and I find myself grinning. Like now, sitting at a table at Il Giardino. It is my place to go out in the world here where I feel welcomed. The … Continue reading

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