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Little Old Men (47)

The first time I saw the beach near Todos Santos, I felt like I’d traveled back through millenniums in the thirty minutes it took me to walk through the desert to reach the ocean. I moved across the untouched sand … Continue reading

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The Abecedarian’s Abecedarian (46)

All of us here in the room but not all of us here yet, I think choosing to be present now as we write dropping down entering in feeling the balls of my feet on the cold floor grounding myself … Continue reading

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Why I Write (40)

I write because I love language. I write because I am a terrible snob, and I believe only my truth is real. I write in order to dig to China. I write to meet dragons and dolphins and stand before … Continue reading

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Past Life Whales (26)

Once when I was carrying my wooden walking stick on the beach in Todos Santos I remembered a past life. It was winter, or maybe early spring, and the sea was full of whales heading north. Because the land drops … Continue reading

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Pilar’s Whale (25)

A good twenty years before I moved to Baja California Sur, my singing teacher Pilar took a trip to Cabo San Lucas. I remember the two of us sitting side by side on the bench at the black grand piano … Continue reading

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The Storm (16)

The day is dark. The wind comes as I write and I wonder if the rain will follow. I hear thunder in the south rolling out of the sky. The wind gods blow the fan palms their warm breath gusting … Continue reading

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Ordinary Moments (14)

Ordinary acts open us, surprise us, deepen us. The other day I went out to get the mail, and there were three envelopes and a postcard waiting for me. I sat down on my patio to open them, under my … Continue reading

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Out of This World (11)

I am sweeping the kitchen floor, angling the broom between the wooden legs of the barstools, when I brush against little rainbows splashed across the tile. The morning light has shifted as the sun heads north for summer, and today … Continue reading

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It’s All You (10)

I had twenty minutes left before I had to be downstairs for the morning session of the conference. I decided I wanted another cup of tea, so I sat back down by the open sliding glass door of the hotel … Continue reading

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On a Clear Day (7)

This happens in Greece. I never knew it before Mexico, and now, on lucky days, I find it here. It is a mystery, some secret combination of air and light, a clarity and a crispness of vision. It goes beyond … Continue reading

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