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Five Days (48)

“Write about five days you would like to do over,” Maureen says. We’ve arrived for our Monday night writing workshop. The room still buzzes, takes time to quiet. (This was the kind of thing I couldn’t tolerate when I was … Continue reading

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If My Soul Were a City (43)

If my soul were a city it would be called Sueño. Dream. It would sit beside the sea, and the citizens would serve the sea creatures in our bay. The whales would come, and we would stand ankle-deep in the … Continue reading

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The Day of the Dead (31)

I harvested my “Mexican” marigolds for my Day of the Dead altar. I wished I had a sugar skull, but my little sombrero-wearing skeleton and my painted wooden cats brought it to life for me. In Ajijic I went to … Continue reading

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On a Clear Day (7)

This happens in Greece. I never knew it before Mexico, and now, on lucky days, I find it here. It is a mystery, some secret combination of air and light, a clarity and a crispness of vision. It goes beyond … Continue reading

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Branches from Heaven (3)

I’ve been letting the fan palm in the courtyard go native. For weeks I swept the incessant drifting blossoms from the patio. An endless scattering of the tiny white blooms carpeted the little rug just inside the door. The berries … Continue reading

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I Kiss the Ground (2)

The wind took my sparrows. I didn’t believe it at first. For three days I told myself I must not have been paying attention. The wind was fiercer than ever before. It went on for a day and a night, … Continue reading

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