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I Dream Flash Fiction (52)

Today I wake up a writer. The jumble of my morning dreaming ends with a short narrated dream. It has a male narrator, maybe in his late thirties, and the dream is almost whole when I wake. I know if … Continue reading

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Being a Writer (51)

I’ve discovered something I do love unequivocally about writing. I love being a writer. I love it when I feel like a writer. I love having lines of prose come to me in odd moments, placing the big cat bowl … Continue reading

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Heaven Hands Me a Hiatus? (50)

I get a late start on the day, and I realize I can’t let even that be okay. I let it ride me all morning like I am wrong, a crow hovering just overhead, scolding me. It nags at me … Continue reading

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Fear of Flying (33)

“Be fearless and fully committed,” my horoscope said. “You will soar.” I wrote it on a Post-it, stuck it on the mirror behind my kitchen sink. Being a writer is scary. I went to a writer’s conference in July, and … Continue reading

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I Forget (5)

I forget I’m happy here. It sneaks up on me, and I find myself grinning. Like now, sitting at a table at Il Giardino. It is my place to go out in the world here where I feel welcomed. The … Continue reading

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I Kiss the Ground (2)

The wind took my sparrows. I didn’t believe it at first. For three days I told myself I must not have been paying attention. The wind was fiercer than ever before. It went on for a day and a night, … Continue reading

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A Crisis Quieted (1)

I am troubled all week, off kilter in a subtle way. It is hard to bring myself to my work. I eat too many dates one afternoon, sleep once in the early evening then go back to working. I can’t … Continue reading

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