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Why I Write (40)

I write because I love language. I write because I am a terrible snob, and I believe only my truth is real. I write in order to dig to China. I write to meet dragons and dolphins and stand before … Continue reading

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No Regrets (39)

I turned down a chance to hike in the desert this morning with people I like very much. It would have meant catching the bus at 7:45, and it sounded like too much to me last night, too much to … Continue reading

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The Man at the Bus Stop (36)

There is a man with a suitcase sitting at the bus stop when I arrive. He is younger, maybe in his early forties (though I am not always good with ages). He has blonde hair that goes to the shoulders … Continue reading

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Fear of Flying (33)

“Be fearless and fully committed,” my horoscope said. “You will soar.” I wrote it on a Post-it, stuck it on the mirror behind my kitchen sink. Being a writer is scary. I went to a writer’s conference in July, and … Continue reading

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Poetry and Prose (17)

“Do you know what you are?” an editor asked Ray Bradbury in his youth. “You’re a poet!” I love knowing he told him this. I am not a poet, am I? It is prose that comes to me. But might … Continue reading

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Out of This World (11)

I am sweeping the kitchen floor, angling the broom between the wooden legs of the barstools, when I brush against little rainbows splashed across the tile. The morning light has shifted as the sun heads north for summer, and today … Continue reading

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On a Clear Day (7)

This happens in Greece. I never knew it before Mexico, and now, on lucky days, I find it here. It is a mystery, some secret combination of air and light, a clarity and a crispness of vision. It goes beyond … Continue reading

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A Crisis Quieted (1)

I am troubled all week, off kilter in a subtle way. It is hard to bring myself to my work. I eat too many dates one afternoon, sleep once in the early evening then go back to working. I can’t … Continue reading

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About This Blog

I was unhappy with the restrictions I put on myself for my first blog, so for my second one I promised myself I would leave it wide open. I only need to post 53 things while I’m 53. But my … Continue reading

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