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Coming to Call (12)

It’s about 8:30. My cats refuse to come inside, and I slam the front door in frustration. I hate leaving them out after dark. After my little fit, I reopen the front door. I am working in the living room. … Continue reading

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Out of This World (11)

I am sweeping the kitchen floor, angling the broom between the wooden legs of the barstools, when I brush against little rainbows splashed across the tile. The morning light has shifted as the sun heads north for summer, and today … Continue reading

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It’s All You (10)

I had twenty minutes left before I had to be downstairs for the morning session of the conference. I decided I wanted another cup of tea, so I sat back down by the open sliding glass door of the hotel … Continue reading

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Bird Angels (9)

After that fierce wind we had that lasted a day and a night, the one that took my sparrows, I found the verdins’ nest lying on the ground. They had built it in the pine tree next door, in a … Continue reading

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