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Cradled (22)

One morning I cry for no reason. I am standing by the kitchen sink when it begins. I see myself in the mirror as I turn away my cup of tea with the painted red bird in my hands my … Continue reading

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Dogless (21)

I close the gate behind me and head out through the wall of heat 111 degrees at eight o’clock at night. It is hard to move hard to keep going hard to breathe impossible to think of anything else. There … Continue reading

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Summer Afternoons (20)

The cats sleep on the old wooden shelves at the side of the house Sable sprawled inside the empty top shelf Sofia wedged two shelves below between the bird feeder and the black plastic bucket I used to gather bougainvillea … Continue reading

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Starry Nights (19)

At June Lake in the eastern sierra on a Sunday night I see the stars for the first time in four years. They seem surreal so even when I am ready to sleep I put my glasses back on again … Continue reading

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Desert Evening (18)

Yesterday evening I was walking in the hot air my mind still flipping through images of cottages in Long Beach and Palmdale dreams of living on one of the metro lines never having to drive again on southern California freeways. … Continue reading

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Poetry and Prose (17)

“Do you know what you are?” an editor asked Ray Bradbury in his youth. “You’re a poet!” I love knowing he told him this. I am not a poet, am I? It is prose that comes to me. But might … Continue reading

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