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The Abecedarian’s Abecedarian (46)

All of us here in the room but not all of us here yet, I think choosing to be present now as we write dropping down entering in feeling the balls of my feet on the cold floor grounding myself … Continue reading

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Why I Write (40)

I write because I love language. I write because I am a terrible snob, and I believe only my truth is real. I write in order to dig to China. I write to meet dragons and dolphins and stand before … Continue reading

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A Bicycle Built for Two (37)

I hear a laughing protest from the street and look up from the page of my notebook. Through the slats in the gate and the gaps in the pyracanthas I watch a man and woman with gray hair and bright … Continue reading

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Mexican Marigolds (30)

My yard is alive with French marigolds, the dark orangey red ones with a brighter orange woven in. Their variegated petals are hardy, their flower faces reaching toward the sun. I am glad the bees like them. I’m still eating … Continue reading

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The Hedge Is Alive (28)

I’d thought I was noticing more House Sparrows in my yard again in the past few weeks. And then, all of a sudden, there seems to be a full community of them again. Did they actually return from wherever they … Continue reading

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The Jacarandas Are in Bloom (4)

The jacarandas are in bloom. The pale purple blossoms on the bare branches take me back to Mexico. They awaken my longing, never far from the surface. Is it because it was a foreign country Mexico is so often evoked? … Continue reading

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