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The Gap Between My Selves (45)

I lost a 4-unit class this semester because of low enrollment. Now I have seven units instead of eleven. I found out on a Friday, and that evening I was running errands, meeting Marylou and Richard for dinner. I remember … Continue reading

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Not Foreign (32)

Our country of origin is an odd thing. It shapes us. Even people who leave their native land when they are three years old are molded by it in ways they may never understand. Even people who only spend six … Continue reading

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Mexican Marigolds (30)

My yard is alive with French marigolds, the dark orangey red ones with a brighter orange woven in. Their variegated petals are hardy, their flower faces reaching toward the sun. I am glad the bees like them. I’m still eating … Continue reading

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Inner Flurry (29)

It was an email from Vivie that sparked it a one-unit class needing an instructor. My gut yelled, “No! Don’t take it!” My instincts screamed, “Run!” But I wrestled with them stood still instead knowing this may be a gift. … Continue reading

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Past Life Whales (26)

Once when I was carrying my wooden walking stick on the beach in Todos Santos I remembered a past life. It was winter, or maybe early spring, and the sea was full of whales heading north. Because the land drops … Continue reading

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Cradled (22)

One morning I cry for no reason. I am standing by the kitchen sink when it begins. I see myself in the mirror as I turn away my cup of tea with the painted red bird in my hands my … Continue reading

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It’s All You (10)

I had twenty minutes left before I had to be downstairs for the morning session of the conference. I decided I wanted another cup of tea, so I sat back down by the open sliding glass door of the hotel … Continue reading

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